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Creating Collaborative Experiences.

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Time For Tomfoolery

Why I facilitate collaborative experiences

Team days can sometimes feel lackluster and chaotic, despite well-meaning efforts from those organizing them. Crafting a rewarding structure is challenging, and the push for quick results can compromise the smooth facilitation of the day. As a result, many team days falter early on, leading to unfocused discussions and a noticeable slump after lunch.

Drawing on my extensive experience with various team dynamics—from software groups to executive boards—I provide the leadership needed to transform these gatherings into productive, collaborative, and ultimately transformative experiences. If you’re ready to turn aimless meetings into strategic sessions that drive long-term improvements: ⬇️


My name is Tom Goulooze

After being embedded as an internal facilitator at WeTransfer for 5 years; i've chosen to apply my lessons of guiding groups and designing experiences to a wider set of organisations. If you are on this website, there's a good chance you've met me in real life 👋. If not, I would describe myself with the following phrases;

  • in perpetual motion

  • obsessed with high quality work & sending voicenotes

  • known to occasionally use too many words

  • can apply my dutch directness if needed

  • an all around 'hoot', hence the name tomfoolery.

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Bas Broek - Engineer at WT

You're such a ball of energy and you've been so important in helping our team come together async, making a huge impact.
You Rock!

Adam Smith, Head of Sales WeTransfer

Tom put together the most incredible series of sales conference session for our team the last 2 weeks across 2 continents. He has such a creative approach to brining people together to foster learning. We were grateful to have him as part of the team!

Rosanne Thesing - Netflix

Just a quick thank you from my side - such great feedback from the team on the session last week. Call outs were the energy you both brought, how quickly we together were able to really get to work and go deep, how applicable the tools were and overall the vibe/humour.
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